I've been a shitty blogger this year. Well, I'm always a shitty blogger, but this year has been appalling. Not a single post since July. Why? Well, the reason is simple: Life (shut up!) Okay, to be more precise, the lack of available hours in a day.

I started a new podcast, don't ya know (in Danish). That took some time away from blogging.

And then, as part of my regular podcast, we did a Twin Peaks marathon, reviewing every single episode of the old show on the brand new Bluray. That was fun. But also a bit tough. Took more time than I expected.

I tell you, my stats for the year in terms of movie-watching suffered. There are other reasons for that too, but now that I have my own new show I hope to get back on track. My motto is "A day without a movie, is a day wasted" - so 363 movies in a year should be doable. That's my goal for 2015.

As for this blog I will try to get some more blogging done. I still have many ideas that aren't particularly suited for my audio shows, and I enjoys keaping my english writting scharp.

Anyway, time to close down 2014. I'll leave you with this single image from Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, one of the boldest films in recent memory.

I suggest we take one lesson away from the film and apply it to the new year.

Let's try a little harder, simply to be smarter.

See you on the other side.