2016: The Stats

Well, here we are again. Time for the stats concerning my film consumption last year! Why are we doing this, again? Because I love stats!

I have to admit my movie-watching has been less than impressive last year. I'm way behind my dream goal (365 films) and my realistic goal (more than 300), but that's because I've watched a ton of TV. This, however is not the time for excuses, this post is just about the raw numbers, and here they are:

Number of films watched in 2016



Films watched for the first time: 156
Re-watched films: 133

Films in play for the top/bottom lists:


Quality distribution (of new films):

Good: 56
Meh: 24
Bad: 29

Format distribution (overall):

Blu-ray: 170
DVD: 17
VOD: 89
Cinema: 10
Other: 2

Decade-of-release distribution:

1940's: 6 films
1950's: 3 films
1960's: 0 films
1970's: 7 films
1980's: 16 films
1990's: 35 films
2000's: 37 films
2010's: 184 films (2015: 65 / 2016: 67)

Film, seen most times:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (4 times)

And just to show you I wasn't kidding about watching a lot of TV, here are the TV stats. I didn't start getting serious about watching TV shows until April, but these stats cover the whole year.

Number of TV-show episodes watched:
(not counting old episodes of Mythbusters or game shows like QI)


Number of different TV shows watched:


Shows abandoned after 1 or 2 episodes:


Complete seasons watched:



And now we're getting to the part I really love: The lists of the best and worst movies of the year. I'll post those during the next couple of weeks. Until then...