The End of the World

I'm not going to say that I've been a bad blogger this year. That would be incorrect. A more correct statement would be: I haven't been a blogger at all.

There are many reasons for this. The simple is that I haven't had the time. I run two podcasts, I've produced 23 episodes of Dobbelt Ds Definite DVD Podcast and posted 113 episodes of I Kassen. That takes time.

Also, I've finally managed to start watching TV shows again, to such a degree that it's hurt the final tally of movies I've watched this year - but we'll get back to that when I post my stats.

And thirdly, I haven't had anything to say. Well, to be more precise, nothing that seemed to fit the format of a blog. I haven't had time to research larger articles, and frankly I've grown tired of lists (as I'm sure you have, dear reader) so I've avoided posting any of those. The end result is an embarrassing lack of posts for 2016.

That may not change in 2017. Or maybe it will.

However, I wasn't going to let the year 2016 sneak off into the night, without a final word. I always post something on the last day of the year, so here we are again. I'm nothing if not consistent, except, of course, when I'm not.

I'll leave you with this gentle song, written and performed by John Hawkes in the film Too Late. Such a sweet and gentle moment that will leave you in tears.... the second time you watch the film. I good reminder to us all, not to rush to the next film experience immediately, but to let the good films marinade for a while.

I always say 'every film deserves a second chance' but it's important to remember that that also applies to films you love. Sometimes a second viewing can bring out that extra layer and that added depth you didn't catch the first time. Too Late was one of the films that did that this year. And one of the reasons is this song.

Down with Mary, by John Hawkes, lyrics

Go back to sleep
Soon it will be light

She moans
Slides down further

Gotta move your car by 10

'Cause I, lay down with Mary

I close my eyes
And I have a dream

I see her face
And I wonder when

Will I lay down with Mary?

I've got no game, I've got no plan
But I do what I can

And so we bid farewell to 2016 with the hope that this isn't the beginning of the end. Though it kinda feels that way....