Top 10 Most Disgusting Dishes by Two Fat Ladies


So it's like freakin' hot, and I can't seem to gather my thoughts regarding the blog I was going to write. So instead you'll get one of those in-between blogs, vaguely film related, but not really.

Here's the thing: I love cooking shows on TV. I'm not really into cooking myself, I just like to watch other people cook. There's a ton of different shows, some sophisticated, some simple, and a few that aren't like anything else.

One of these shows is Two Fat Ladies.

It features two very large British women - Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson - who travel around in England on their old school bike and make old school food. When I say old school I mean the kind of dishes your grandparents would know. Nothing overly fancy, nothing too healthy. Rustic food in other words, food for men (and women) who work hard in the fields.

Because these two charming ladies aren't too preoccupied with what's good, or modern, or fancy, they make some of the most disgusting dishes you can imagine. I'm sure they taste very nice, but they sure look nasty.

Now, I recently watched the entire 24 episode run of the series again, and this time I made a list of the most disgusting dishes. Since I don't know anything about food I can't really comment on the dishes, so you'll have to make do with the pictures.

Then again, pictures speak a thousand words, don't they...?



1) Gigot of monkfish rosemarin with anchovies (1.01)

2) Jugged kippers (2.05)

3) Devilled kidneys (2.05)

4) Portuguese fish stew (4.01)

5) Pheasant and pickled walnut terrine (1.05)

6) Devils on horseback (2.01)

7) Shooter's sandwich (1.06)

8) Robert May's salmon (2.02)

9) Asturian bean and sausage soup (3.03)

10) Stuffed baked codfish with a tomato sauce (4.04)



And there you have it. I'll get back to my tricky blog now, while I eat a dry peace of bread. Suddenly I'm not all that hungry. It's still freakin' hot, though. Maybe I should watch a cool film?


  1. That's an awful lot of fish - and of course the obligatory kidney stew/pie/dish...

    Not my cup of tea, you fat British ladies!

  2. Hehe! Well, at least they're fun to watch while they're making it!

  3. The worst was that disgusting cake they frosted with RAW EGG YOLK frosting.