Texas Killing Fields (2011)

I'm gonna do this quick, this film doesn't deserve better. Don't be fooled by the solid cast or the great visuals, this is an utter piece of shit. Either the script was completely useless, or someone screwed this up in the editing.

The story is excruciatingly badly written. The film moves from one scene to the next, seemingly unaware of any kind of narrative continuity or logic, resulting a disjointed, almost rambling storytelling. Even on a scene by scene basis this makes absolutely no sense. Characters change behavior, from moment to moment, and it often feels like large chunks of the film is simply missing.

This is nothing short of a spectacular show of inept, almost retarded filmmaking. How retarded, you ask? Well, just watch for the GIGANTIC shadows cast by the camera crew barely a minute into the film.

Avoid at all cost.

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  1. Ja, det var sgu en god start for Ami Canaan Mann, datter af Michael Mann eller ej.