A science fiction movie pitch

So the whole thing started when I got a list of new DVD releases, and the Martin McDonagh film Seven Psychopaths was misspelled. It read Seven Psycophats.

I had to read it twice to get it, but then I thought: "Hey... There's a movie idea here!"

First you have to split the title into 3 bits. Psy - Cop - Hats.

I was instantly intrigued! What's a Psy-Cop!? And why does he need to wear a hat? I immediately shared this with my buddy Alexander Burlyka on IM. I suggested this should be a science fiction film. Something about mind control, and when he said the line "Hand in your badge, gun and Psy-Cop hat!" it all fell into place.... So here's the pitch for the movie.


7 Psy-Cop Hats.


A science fiction thriller.


In the near (very near, cheap) future mind-control and psychic abilities have developed among the general population, and of course the criminals have used this to their advantage.

To protect law enforcement officers from these maniacs, the Psy-Cop Protection System - more commonly known as the Psy-Cop Hat - has been developed. This is an ingenious piece of high tech head-gear, which protects the wearer from any kind of mind control or psychic attack, without limiting his/her innate supernatural abilities.

A crises arise when seven of these "hats" are stolen by a devious criminal overlord, who sells them to the nastiest bad guys around. Two cops must track down the hats before chaos and anarchy takes over.

That's all there is to it. It almost writes itself!

I sincerely hope someone will make 7 Psy-Cop Hats. SyFy channel and The Asylum seem like the obvious choice. I'm open to a $200 million Hollywood movie too, but honestly I'd prefer if this was an Asylum film. Alexander suggested Antonio Sabato and Kelly Brook for the two leads, which sound perfect to me, and I would just add Eric Roberts as the angry police captain.

So if anyone out there has any contacts with The Asylum, please tell them to take this idea and run with it. The only thing I want in return is a free DVD.


  1. I Love IT!

    Look here:

    Post it and see what happens.

  2. @SohailFilm
    Thanx man! I saw that page, but they say specifically they only want pitches in a few selected genres, and sci-fi isn't one of them.