2014: The Stats

Another year, another list.

That's right, time to look back on the year gone by, and thanks to my meticulous list of film experiences from the past year, I'm able to put together a fascinating set of stats. These will lead up to my best and worst of 2014 lists, which we'll get to in a week or two.

I'm sad to see that I've once again been a terrible film geek and checked out far too few older films. That saddens me. I'll have to work to rectify that this year. Oh well, without further ado...


Number of films seen in 2014


- Films watched for the first time: 178
- Old films watched for the first time: 42
- New films watched for the first time: 136
- Re-watched films: 153

Films in play for the top/bottom lists


Quality distribution:
- Good: 61
- Meh: 32
- Bad: 43

Format distribution

Blu-ray: 191
DVD: 65
VOD: 54
Cinema: 21

Decade-of-release distribution

1930's: 1 film
1950's: 6 films
1960's: 11 films
1970's: 21 films
1980's: 26 films
1990's: 40 films
2000's: 38 films
2010-2013: 188 films

Film seen most times:

Gravity & Edge of Tomorrow (Each 4 times)


That's it! Don't you just love stats?! Now it's time to crunch those numbers and conjure up a list of the best and worst of 2014.

Watch this space...

Or, you know, put a film or two on, while you wait.

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