2015: The Stats

For the 3rd consecutive year I'm publishing my movie-watching stats for the previous year online. Why do I do this? Well, I love stats, and it's fun to get an overview of what I've watched. Also, I've discovered how useful these public stats can be during the year. I find myself referring to them often. Yet another reason why I enjoy the fact that they are easily accessed online.

And so before I get to the next task, which is figuring out which of these films are the best and worst, I present the raw 2015 numbers without comments:

Number of films watched in 2015



Films watched for the first time: 156
Re-watched films: 151

Films in play for the top/bottom lists:


Quality distribution:

Good: 36
Meh: 41
Bad: 33

Format distribution:

Blu-ray: 157
DVD: 37
VOD: 87
Cinema: 23
Other: 3

Decade-of-release distribution:

1940's: 5 films
1950's: 9 films
1960's: 5 films
1970's: 15 films
1980's: 35 films
1990's: 53 films
2000's: 29 films
2010's: 156 films (2014: 62 / 2015: 69)

Film seen most times:

Mad Max: Fury Road (3 times)


307 is a low number, I know. I'm fond of saying "a day without a film is a day wasted". It would seem that I've wasted quite a few days in 2015, but honestly, it's because of the whole running-two-podcasts thing. I'll try to do better in 2016!

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