Will life go on?

I always post something nostalgic on the last day of the year, usually a scene from a movie, intended to make you stop for a moment and take stock, reflect on the year, and consider the prospects for next year. I was going to do the same today, but then I got a message from my film-making friend Christian E. Christansen, informing me that good, old-fashioned film stock will no longer be available in Denmark. Oh, you can still get it if you really, really, really want to, but it dawned on me today - more than it has before - that this really is the end of film.

That makes me sad and nostalgic. I believe digital has many advantages, and that many talented cinematographers use it to great effect. But I also believe filmmakers should have every tool available to them. "Real" film is one of those tools. Or rather, it was.

To end 2012 I leave you with these images from the movie Portrait of a Projectionist by Philip Bloom - it's a 7 minute documentary, and you can see it in its entirety here.

Farewell 2012. The year we said goodbye to film.

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