Top 25 of 2016

I had actually written the bulk of my "Worst of 2016" blog back in January, the bad reviews are often more fun to write, but the "Best of 2016" blog was a blank page with some numbers on it, so my picks for this list come with very brief explanations, because that's all I have time for. Learn to love it.


25. Eye in the Sky

Helen Mirren in a uniform? Hell yes. Actually, the story is pretty damn interesting and worth debating too.

24. Batman v. Superman (Extended Version)

It's the second best Batman (after Keaton) vs. the best Superman, what's not to like? And it's darkier and knightier, the way we like it! I'm in, I don't care how may plot holes you find!

23. Green Room

This is one mean, nasty, little film.

22. Suicide Squad

Is it a mess? Yes. Do I love it anyway? Yes. Am I always answering my own questions? Fuck off, and take every one of those dull Marvel movies with you.

21. Hundeliv

This is the first appearance of a Danish film on my top 10 lists EVER, since I started doing them officially in 2008. The significance of that can not be overstated.

20. Nerve

Guys, the internet and social media are like really dangerous. Then again, every now and then you run into Emma Roberts.

19. Money Monster

That Jodie Foster can put a movie together. Tight little thriller. Reminds you why Clooney and Roberts are movie stars.

18. Der Nacthmahr

This is one freakishly weird German movie.

17. The Monster

Mother. Daughter. Car breaks down in forest. Monster's in the forest. Cue damn fine little thriller.

16. Blood Punch

What a great spin on a familiar concept. It's Groundhog Day with guns and blood!

15. The American Side

Very interesting low-budget neo-noir, detective story. Dense, complicated, challenging. 

14. Midnight Special

This is what a grownup science fiction film looks like. Make more. Now.

13. Rogue One

If I redid this list today, I would move Rogue One up to the top 5. I've seen it 5 times now, and it gets better every time.

12. Brooklyn

Sometimes one of those "Oscar bait" movies is just a good, solid flick. That's the case here.

11. War Dogs

Kick ass fun.

10. Truth

Yeah.... How about we all sit down and watch this again? After America flushed itself down the toilet in 2017, the themes of this film are more important than ever.

9. Steve Jobs

An inspired way to tell a fascinating story. Sent from my iMac.

8. The Big Short

Also an inspired way to tell a fascinating story! Hey, some of these Hollywood guys know what they're doing!

7. Mr. Right

Anna Kendrick. Sam Rockwell. Naughty. Adorable. Fucking cool. Both of them. This film is grotesquely re-watchable.

6. The Automatic Hate

Boy, this was a tough little movie. That dinner scene....

5. Carol

Never mind that it's about lesbians, this is a beautiful, delicate romance that can be universally enjoyed.

4. The Nice Guys

Shane. Effing. Black. If you don't like this film, you're a fucking loser.

3. Synchronicity

A heartbreaking, gorgeous, gem of a science fiction film.

2. Arrival

We don't deserve movies this good. Humanity, I mean.

1. Too Late

Flawed perfection and messy precision. A film that grows when you rewatch it and really figure out how it all fits together.


Yay, I did it!

Here's the thing: I actually use these blogs myself for reference during the year, so I've really missed having them online. I'm gonna have to do better in 2017. And on the plus side: It's gonna be hard to do worse.

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