2013: The Stats

As regular readers and friends will know I keep a close eye on what films I watch during the year. It's fun to have a complete list of the year's movie experience when all is said and done, plus it makes it way easier to conjure up the obligatory top and bottom lists.

As I get ready to make the lists for 2013, I figured it would be fun to reveal my stats for the past 12 months. Just the numbers, no elaborate explanations, just the raw numbers. So here they are.


Number of films seen in 2013


New films in play for the top/bottom lists


Quality distribution of new films

Good: 69
Meh: 34
Bad: 66

Format distribution

Blu-ray: 172
DVD: 141
VOD: 76
Cinema: 12

Decade of release distribution

1930's: 2 films
1940's: 3 films
1950's: 8 films
1960's: 11 films
1970's: 17 films
1980's: 41 films
1990's: 48 films
2000's: 52 films
2010-2013: 219 films

Film seen most times:

World War Z (3 times)


No thoughts at all. I'm too busy thinking about the best and the worst films of 2013. Stay tuned.

PS: If you have any problems with the numbers, take it up with my accountants.

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